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So you've read my testimony and now your asking, okay how can I get Jesus in my life for real and how can I be saved?

Good News!  (John 3:16-17)

What was available to me, is also available to you, all of it and so much more!  At the point of calling to Him, I had not read the Bible or had changed anything, other than my desire to know Him and to tell Him I was sorry for my sins and that I wanted to give Him my life because I was desperately in pain and needed someone to save me. 

With that, I found a quiet place by myself and I cried out to Jesus, out loud.  I told him I was sorry for my sins and asked Him to help me and save me.   He came to my rescue very soon.  At that moment, I didn't see flashing lights or heavenly sounds or anything like that but I knew He had responded and something had happened because I felt an overwhelming peace I had never felt, I knew instantly something had changed within me.  Instantly, the fear of death like my mom's left me.  I wasn't afraid of that death anymore (Hebrews 2:14-15).  I have peace that I will see my mom again some day in Heaven (she had received Him on her deathbed and had a vision of Jesus).  Ask Him from your sincere heart to help you and reveal Himself to you.  He will.


1) You want to be water baptized - Acts 2:38
   a) to show proof of your desire to repent and receive forgiveness of sins
   b) to show forth your death to the old self and rise up (out of the water) a new creation

2) -Buy a Bible.  I suggest either the New Living Translation or one that you can understand easily.  I started with the NIV.  Start reading.  The Gospel of John is a great place to start.

3) Find fellowship with other believers in Jesus Christ.  If you dont know anyone, Pray. 
God will direct you.

4) Ask Jesus to baptize you with the Holy Spirit  (Luke 3:16).  The Holy Spirit will send power upon you and will give you gifts that will glorify Jesus and help you share Him with others and set captives free caught in darkness.  (John 14:12) (Acts) 

Don't wait until you feel "good" or "clean" enough to call on Jesus because that day won't come.. call on Him as you are, its only by His spirit that you will begin to change your ways and lose the desire to keep sinning.  Our condition is hopeless without Jesus that's why He had to go to such extreme to be sacrificed on a cross for us.. It was the only way to bring us and God our father together again.

Congratulations if you have become a Christian!!!  Email me if you have questions or a story you'd like to share and get ready for adventure.....